Need a quick fix for a photo you just took? Here are a few versatile Photoshop actions to add to your arsenal.

These actions were created to help you breeze through your photo edits. These actions are fully reversible and editable. We recommend adjusting your exposure levels before you apply these presets.

Handy-Film-Effect-Photoshop-Actions Handy-Film-Effect-Photoshop-Actions-2 Handy-Film-Effect-Photoshop-Actions-3 Handy-Film-Effect-Photoshop-Actions-4 Handy-Film-Effect-Photoshop-Actions-5 Handy-Film-Effect-Photoshop-Actions-6


How to Use these Photoshop Actions

  1. Locate your Actions panel. Window>Actions
  2. Click on the drop-down menu of the Actions panel and click “Load Actions…”
  3. Locate the .atn file in your hard drive and click Import.
  4. To use an action on a photo, select the Background layer in your Layers panel then click the Play button on your Actions Panel.
  5. Enjoy.

[download id=”275″]


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